Next to the Gods - Book 1

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In The Huffington Post reviewed, science fiction world building series opener, Book 1, When Gods Walk Among Us, the Aurocearians complete a Dyson sphere to protect their home worlds. Learning their energy has spawned other life in the far reaches of space, the charismatic Moniah, leads a mission to find other beings.

Next to the Gods - Book 2

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As Book 2, The Fate Of Worlds unfolds, the Aurocearians establish “co-existence” on earth, bringing with them wonders, but also the dangerous entity, Annevnos. Fighting the unexpected threat demands heroic prowess and mankind stands with the Talsaiyr Dynasty to herald in a new age.

Next to the Gods - Book 3

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Earth is a paradise in the new age. Book 3, Great Is Our Number opens with the city of Renthia and palace of Maethus-Dia, now a megalopolis of high civilization, art and technology. With colonies on Mars, and other worlds, moving toward peace and advancement the work of Moniah and Emily Talsaiyr seems destined for greater success when their son, Steven-Medean Talsaiyr is born.


Book 4

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