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  1. I read that Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov provided some of the inspiration for Next To The Gods, which of their works most resonated with you?

  2. So we’re excited that our audience grows in Asia and Europe. The book trailer (you can see it on our homepage) is going large and we look forward to a new phase of development for the series.

  3. Our second documentary, THE WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL ORGAN will air on Los Angeles PBS affiliate KLCS-TV starting this month (January 2015) Check out the TV station website for broadcasting schedule. http://klcs.org/

  4. Is fact stranger than fiction? I find it interesting that fact and fiction have collided in a interesting way with this recent revelation about KIC 8462852 and what was wriiten about by Mr Mongilardi some time ago in his series Next to the Gods. Maybe some new revelations in book four?

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